You know what should be tried if it were possible?

A government that was in support of all sorts of human rights except the right to choose a stupid backwards government. That would have prevented the Nazis from getting elected right?

So far non democratic governments have generally been awful, but what if it were a really good government with constitutional laws that institute not only positive social policy but the kinds of freedoms we find in the most developed nations.

I think China has potential to become a country that operates like this, if it lost it’s nasty human rights record it could be a really nice place to live even if you can only vote for one party. Making a perfect set of laws to prevent corruption is obviously a tall task and having no way to change it in the future does pose problems of adjusting to new societal conventions as they appear, but I think such a country would possibly not have enough of a critical populace to support a revolution. China does have problems currently with rewinding on socialist policy, becoming more capitalist, and it still has a large amount of poor rural people, so it wouldn’t be perfect in it’s current form.

I am not anti-democratic in principle, but I do think that certain policies are inherently right and shouldn’t really be up for debate. I think maybe a hybrid would be good, having democratic referendums when it comes to non-fundamental policy. This is ideally how a constitution should operate, but we have seen that in nation’s current forms constitutional laws can be eroded, or in the case of the Nazis completely eliminated.


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