For A Future Without Poverty

Honestly, I think that a post-capitalist socialist society would be slower to innovate and produce fancy goods for the average person. But people would be better off. The happiness gained from luxury goods is less important than your basic human needs, and we have those figured out at this point. I wonder how scientific advance would fare though? My example that it wouldn’t be such a big deal would be that the Soviets were the first to put a human into space, but they were still a social market economy, admittedly more social than market than the social democracies of Western Europe. I think we should be willing to try for a better world where we can eliminate poverty, if it doesn’t work we can go back to capitalism. And don’t give me that simplistic, it failed because of the NATO victory over the Warsaw Pact, bullshit. That problem with them dissolving and basically surrendering doesn’t mean that socialism can’t work, like so many of my comrades say, look to the social market economies of Europe, they worked fine until the neo-liberal order took over the policies of the social democratic parties. Are we the Pharaoh’s slaves that we have to run like an ant-hill working at all times at peak efficiency? (I am looking at you Economist who thinks we need to be at max growth and employment levels at all time) WTF?!? We are humans, we should enjoy our lives outside of work and self-actualize.

I need to see how much of life is market and how much is social in China because I realized I don’t know that.

Also, I still want the Internet Archive to host all of human media for free. We should have that, it wouldn’t be so hard to do and I think everybody would love that.

It’s like I live in a world ruled under an ideology based on starship troopers. Once again, WTF?!?

Classless doesn’t mean everybody is the same too. That’s ruductio ad absurdum you know?

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