I am a very democratic, very leftist, politically minded person. So it is definitely out of character to believe in Germanic-National movements, that I have mentioned I think are cool. It’s generally the domain of Neo-Nazis, and that’s upsetting for sure.

It’s a struggle, I also like post national-concepts, so I am never at peace with these feelings of greater family/tribe.

I just think it’s so fashionable, I mean many other peoples are all down with tribalism and such, while also being progressive otherwise, it creates a diverse mosaic which can be said to add to the beauty of humanity. It’s just the Germanic predicament to have the Nazis ruin YET ANOTHER thing for us. I mean they ruined our place as scientific and cultural leadership around the globe, though not entirley, our role is greatly diminished. For a geek like me there is little to be geeky about that is Germanic, though I still play the videogame Settlers II, and the board game Settlers of Catan (Go German board games!).

And there is definitely that worry that one might be perceived wrongly as just another Neo-Nazi.

Edit: Germany also has some super-fine trains, and Denmark has Lego.

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