Jawohl Mein Trump!

Ok, if he suggests putting all Muslims in the U.S. in camps next I will seriously lose my shit.

Banning all Muslims from immigrating is already way too far in Nazi territory. Actually people should be loosing their shit over this. I am tempted to go yelling like a lunatic in the town square, warning people of the fact that just because the Axis powers were defeated, doesn’t mean we should not be ever vigilant.

I wish there were more of a point to all these anti-nazi movies in the sense of making people not support Nazis and people who share values with their more insane views.

I really enjoyed the new “The Man in the High Castle” show though. It has a scene where a Jewish prayer is being spoken while scenes from telephone surveillance by the Japanese are being shown. It felt subversive, considering all the surveillance done by the NSA, and the intelligence agencies of other countries currently being done on their own citizens.

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