My National Identity

I have touched on this a little before, but I am realizing that I am legally Canadian but I am actually an Austrian-German. I have neither the Austrian or German citizenship, but when I cheer I don’t really cheer for Canada. I like watching movies and TV from back home and speak German fluently since I partially grew up in Vienna. Also, my blood is Austrian-German, I struggle with Holocaust guilt and not with Canadian guilt. Memorial day has always been weird for me because my relatives all fought on the side opposed to Canada and it’s allies. I just feel this way, it’s not really something I chose, it just developed on it’s own as I grew up. I can’t really pinpoint what caused me to favor my blood’s identity, one thing I have thought about is that America is all stolen land and I don’t really belong here, but that isn’t the only factor, there’s also the fond memories of growing up in Vienna, it probably also has subconscious dimensions I don’t know about and there is the bro thing I mentioned earlier.

It is a stupid situation because I now reside in Canada and am kinda stuck here for various reasons.


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