Paranoid Evening

I am thinking that the Nazi Scientist elite is slowly revealing itself to me awaiting my responses. Judging me, for whatever reason. And that they will be able to turn me like Anakin with the promise of something I can’t resist, or maybe manipulate my feelings to the same end.

Maybe they will free me from this slave-like existence. Change me.

Maybe it’s best if I die young, I don’t want to be turned into them. I just want to live in my normal five star hotel, with my normal room service, and my normal bulletproof motorcade.

This all makes me think that you shouldn’t trust me.

This doesn’t feel so good.

Hopefully it’s all just nonsense, and I can go back to being me, I like nerdy things, and I like women and children and kitties.

Let me just veg out to breath of wild please brain, that seems to keep me happy. Surrounded by my loved ones.

I am off to try and blurt out my thoughts with loud music.

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