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The American Holocaust

It’s amazing how little time is spent doing anything about this. The natives should have their own nations back, and I’d prefer to live in a nation named properly after the native nations that existed here before us. I feel like a filthy murdering invader knowing that this population still suffers, I should fuck off to Europe.

If they would have me as a guest if we can save their heritage I would be happy, it’s not easy fucking off to Europe being poor. But I was never consulted if it’s ok to take up residence on stolen land, I just got born here and am stuck here. Maybe I can help, maybe I’m just a self-righteous know it all. But this is really disgusting, I live on a god damned graveyard you filthy murderers! I don’t want to be human anymore, I am declaring myself an E.T.. That should be in my passport instead of eye colour, race: E.T..


My wife sent me a link to a cool course at the UBC about reconciliation. https://courses.edx.org/courses/course-v1:UBCx+IndEdu200x+3T2017/course/ I found this website amongst many http://reconciliationcanada.ca/