The New Breed

Damn assassins, you won’t get me! (Does this mean I am like Stalin? I mean without the power but with the paranoia, also no genocidal intentions and such). In any case don’t vote for me, I am unstable. A new kind of human you say? Sure I’ll go with that, positive thinking, Alexander Frederick Roth, the new breed! 😜 What do you mean I am ripping off dialogue from “The Big Bang Theory”? I suppose I am.

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Current Mood

The media obfuscation matrix, since I could design one, it is doable. It *might* just require a lot of work. But ultimately totally doable. You could even target one person or a handful of people if y

The Human Species

Humans better not be a bunch of massive sadists. I am worried my end will be terrible and at the hand of a sadistic species, I have temporarily lost my good-natured faith in people. I am frightened en